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Professional artificial grass installation
Professional artificial grass installation

Artificial Grass with Playground using Rubber Barks

Completated on Feb 2021

For this project, we initiated a comprehensive transformation by utilizing a digger to re-level the terrain and remove excess soil from the rear end. This meticulous process ensured the appropriate depth for the subsequent installation of a sub-base, paving the way for the strategic placement of artificial grass on multiple levels. Beyond the functional aspects, these varied levels were incorporated for both design and aesthetic purposes, elevating the overall visual appeal of the outdoor space.

In keeping with our commitment to high-quality installations, the artificial grass was fitted on Grano Dust. This material not only exhibits superior weather resistance but also excels in water drainage, a crucial factor, particularly given the heavy rainfall typical of the UK climate.

To cater to diverse needs, a distinct area was crafted using purple Rubber Barks – a safety-oriented product ideal for playgrounds. This not only adds a vibrant touch but ensures a secure surface for recreational activities.
Adding character to the space, a small timber decking extension was seamlessly integrated, offering a charming spot for relaxation. Raised flower beds at the back contribute to the visual allure, while strategically placed slabs widen the path, enhancing accessibility and functionality.

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