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A simple transformative garden makeover
A simple transformative garden makeover

Simple Makeover with Railway Sleepers and Lawn

Completated on Jul 2021

We breathed a bit of new life into this garden with a simple yet effective makeover. The initial phase involved the removal of the existing grass, overrun with weeds. To establish a clean slate, we levelled the entire area, setting the groundwork for a fresh start.

The introduction of Railway Sleepers on either side of the garden marked a significant enhancement. Strategically positioned, these sleepers not only created raised flower beds but also served as a protective border. This not only prevented neighbouring plants from encroaching through the fence but also added a tidy and organized aesthetic to the garden.
The existing concrete slabs underwent a rejuvenating Power Wash, restoring their original lustre. To complete the transformation, a new lawn was laid atop a fresh layer of topsoil and compost mix, ensuring optimal conditions for healthy growth.

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