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Groundworks contractors

At Daniel & Son Landsaping Services, we are experienced in all aspects of your garden landscape. We can undertake a variety of projects, preparing the foundation for your new dream garden. From initial preparation to structural work, our friendly and professional team is fully equipped to safely and successfully complete all types of ground works, from soft to hard landscaping. We highly focus on getting every job completed to the highest of standards, always using top-notch quality materials. We have always executed every landscape to the best of our abilities, and we are able to work with any shape, form and garden’s size.

We pride ourselves in being flexible and formative with our approach. We will listen to your requirements and ideas, and will use our 15 years of experience to make a constructive and effective suggestion, to contribute and find the solution that is right for you.

Having completed a wide range of landscaping works, and also carrying out regular maintenance to various properties, below you’ll find a brief explanation of what we do and how we do it.

Patios: Naturally appealing

Made from natural stone, sandstone, concrete or any other type of slabs, we work with them all. With the customer’s idea and budget in mind, we’ll make sure you will have an appealing area to relax on, and perhaps enjoy a drink or two.

Take the aesthetic appeal of the main material, combine them with our expertise and an excellent finish is guaranteed.

new style of patio make in Indianstone
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Low maintenance grass: artificial grass

Artificial Grass: low maintenance is the key

A popular choice for its low-maintenance reputation, it stays green all year round and its cost effective in the long run. If one uses high quality Artificial Grass (also known as Astro Turf) that is a minimum of 30mm in pile height, like we do, it will last for 15+ years, as it is of high-quality.

Artificial Grass brings order and tidiness to any garden space, as well as being the perfect solution for a nice, well-looking space.

Some tips before you decide to install artificial grass

When you are replacing the normal natural grass with the synthetic one, you have to consider that the fake grass is not installed on top of the natural one but a certain procedure is carried out to ensure that the new grass has a real look and that it lasts over the time, and you are sure you have a new low maintenance garden.

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Decking: long lasting, British weather-proof

A robust structure, with a solid and strong frame underneath, we build them in a selection of woods, from hard to soft, always using the best quality’ wood.

Alternatively, we also make them in composite, which offers a bigger range of colour, texture and finish. We even install LEDs for you, should you want it.

Selected decking board
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Natural Turf

Natural Turf: what makes a garden real

Let’s face it, a garden without grass is not a garden. The perfect area for kids as well as pets to play, and perhaps functioning as space for your shed, and even space for a BBQ with family and friends.

ideal and also economical way to transform your garden, however its current state might be. It is the best playground for the whole family.

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Gates: for your own security

We make custom measured single and double gates for your security, with a squared or rounded top, and with locks/closures that you prefer. Using high-quality thick redwood, we treat it for external purposes and also paint it in your choice of colours.

We will build it however you want it to look like, and we guarantee its stubbornness and solidity, especially for the British winds!

custom wooden gate
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