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Paving & Decking

In the realm of paving, our expertise extends across a diverse range of materials, including Concrete, Sandstone, Limestone, Porcelain, and various other slab types. Regardless of your preference, we have the skills and proficiency to work with them all. Collaborating closely with your ideas, incorporating our design insights, and aligning with your budget, our objective is to craft a serene and inviting patio area for you, your family, and friends to relish.

Our services extend beyond paving to encompass comprehensive drainage solutions. From underground drainage pipes and soakaways to drainage channels and discreet manholes, we provide a holistic approach to ensure efficient water management for your patio. Feel free to reach out for a personalised quotation tailored to your specific patio requirements.

Shifting our focus to decking, we offer an array of materials to cater to diverse tastes. A quality deck can be fashioned using Timber, with options ranging from Softwoods to Hardwoods and more refined Redwoods. Alternatively, if you prefer a low-maintenance solution, we present Composite decking as a viable option. This includes PVC-based boards that come in a vast array of sizes, colours, finishes, and trims, allowing you the flexibility to choose what best suits your preferences and lifestyle. The choice is ultimately yours, and we are here to bring your decking vision to life.