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Garden Power Cleaning Bedford

Power Cleaning

In addition to our comprehensive Gardening and Landscaping services, we proudly offer professional pressure washing cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. Our expertise extends to a variety of paving surfaces, including tarmac, block paving, concrete floors, sandstone, limestone, and more. We specialise in delivering a thorough cleaning experience, ensuring your surfaces are free from algae, moss, and the stains that accumulate over the years.

Our pressure washing service is not only highly effective but also a cost-efficient solution. Many patios and surfaces can be revitalised without the need for re-laying; instead, a meticulous pressure washing, treatment, and finishing with kiln-dried sand (especially in the case of block paving) can breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. This approach not only restores the aesthetics of your paved areas but also enhances their longevity, making it a practical and sustainable solution for property owners. Trust us to bring back the vibrancy of your paved surfaces and leave them looking refreshed and rejuvenated.