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Service: Fencing, Turfing and Gate

Fencing, Turf & Gates

Fencing – Elevating the concept of a robust fence, our offerings extend across a spectrum of styles, ensuring not only durability but also an aesthetic appeal that complements your home and garden. From the fundamental overlap style panels to the more solid feather board, tongue & groove, hit and miss (perfect for windy areas), and the stylish venetian and louvre options, we provide a diverse range to suit your preferences. The foundation of our fencing solutions includes basic wood timber posts, with dimensions ranging from 75mm to 125mm, or the enduring choice of concrete posts and gravel boards. Various prints are available on the latter, allowing you to infuse a touch of personal style into your fencing project.

Turf – A well-manicured lawn serves as the heart of any thriving garden, creating a natural habitat for diverse wildlife and contributing to the ecological balance. Beyond its aesthetic charm, a healthy lawn regulates soil pH levels and moisture in harmony with surrounding plants. Symbolic of tradition and continuity, a garden with a flourishing lawn remains a cherished centrepiece across generations. Enduring the challenges of muddy winters and scorching summers, it resurfaces with minimal care, standing as a testament to nature's resilience.

Gates – Our gate offerings extend beyond mere functionality to encapsulate a blend of craftsmanship and design. Whether you seek standard dimensions or require a bespoke size, we supply and install timber gates tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's a gate for the back entrance to your garden, a welcoming double gate for your driveway, or the charming simplicity of a picket fence gate, we use high-quality wood, hinges, and fittings. The transparency of our all-inclusive pricing ensures a streamlined and hassle-free experience as we bring your gate visions to life.