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re-shaped garden bedford
re-shaped garden bedford

York Stone Paving with vegetable patches

Completated on Aug 2020

In the rejuvenation of this outdoor space, our first step involved the meticulous removal of concrete, old tiles, and existing flower beds. Guided by the vision of our elderly customer, we prioritized creating a low-maintenance and easily accessible area.
The introduction of York Stone paving, complemented by granite bricks mirroring both colour and rough texture, served as the foundation of the transformation. Empty spaces were thoughtfully filled with artificial grass, seamlessly bonded to the surface underneath, providing a lush and green ambiance without the hassle of maintenance.

In response to our customer's desire for simplicity and convenience, we designed three distinct small vegetable patches, adding a touch of practicality to the aesthetics. Addressing the need for illumination without compromising the garden's cable-free appeal, solar-powered lights were delicately fitted into the paving, enhancing the charm of the space during the evening hours.

This project not only reflects our dedication to translating customer visions into reality but also showcases our commitment to creating outdoor environments that prioritize accessibility, ease of maintenance, and the unique preferences of each individual client.

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