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revamp the rear path and garden with new plants and flowers
revamp the rear path and garden with new plants and flowers

Local Church Flower Beds Revamp

Completated on Sept 2020

Upon receiving a request to revamp the rear path and garden of our local church in Kempston, we engaged in a fruitful collaboration with a skilled garden landscape designer. Working together, we meticulously curated a list of over 150+ plants tailored to the approximately 40-square-meter area. Ensuring the optimal conditions for growth, we planted these selections in premium topsoil and species-specific compost.
To add a vertical dimension and encourage the healthy growth of climbers, we strategically installed trellises along the back wall and fences.

This not only provides structural support but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the garden.
This collaborative effort was driven by a shared vision to create a welcoming and serene outdoor space that complements the church's environment. The result is a meticulously designed garden, carefully planned to bring natural beauty to the rear path. This project stands as a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful landscaping and community collaboration can have on shared spaces.

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