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Creating terraced landscaping with thoughtful steps
Creating terraced landscaping with thoughtful steps

Mint Fossil and Astro Turf Garden Makeover

Completated on Sept 2020

Our comprehensive efforts aimed at expanding the available space and rejuvenating this neglected garden, reinforcing the left-side fence with closeboard panels as the first step. To achieve a balanced and visually appealing landscape, we then levelled the terrain, establishing three distinct levels seamlessly connected by carefully placed steps.

For the patio areas, Mint Fossil Sandstone was chosen, introducing an element of sophistication and durability. To address practical needs, a concrete shed base was strategically positioned at the bottom level, adding both functionality and structure to the space.

Responding to the client's desire for a harmonious blend of greenery, we incorporated Astro Turf on one side. This artificial lawn was elegantly bordered with railway sleepers, meeting the specific design preferences outlined by the customer. To ensure visual cohesion and long-lasting durability, we applied Easy Joint Buff for the grout, adding the perfect finishing touch.
The result is a transformed multi-level garden that not only meets practical needs but also combines various elements to create a visually appealing and well-integrated outdoor space. This project reflects our commitment to thoughtful landscaping, where aesthetics and functionality come together for a refreshed and inviting environment.

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