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buff flags patio
buff flags patio

Buff Concrete Paving Slabs bedford

Completated on Jan 2020

Stepping in to salvage a project left in disarray by a previous landscaper, we undertook the monumental task of revitalising a largely undone paving area. The scope of the challenge demanded a comprehensive approach – we started by completely tearing up the existing groundwork, clearing the slate for a fresh start. To ensure a robust foundation, over 20 tons of MOT Type 1 were meticulously laid, forming the backbone of the entire project.

Spanning an expansive area exceeding 200 square meters, stretching seamlessly from the front to the back and sides, we brought in over 500 large Buff Concrete Slabs. Each slab was carefully placed, creating a cohesive and visually appealing paved surface that now graced the property. In parallel, recognizing the need for effective water drainage, we implemented a sophisticated drainage system seamlessly connected to the sewer at the far back end, ensuring both functionality and durability.

Going beyond the paving overhaul, we introduced a new 50-square meter lawn area to add a touch of greenery and balance to the landscape. This thoughtful addition came complete with in-ground pole holders, offering both aesthetic charm and practical utility.
The culmination of our efforts left the customer overjoyed. They were not only pleased with the swift rescue of the project on short notice but also impressed by the competitive pricing that encompassed the entire endeavour. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and the ability to transform challenges into success stories.

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