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Remarkable Transformation with Bespoke for Safety and Elegance composite deck
Remarkable Transformation with Bespoke for Safety and Elegance composite deck

Grey Composite Decking with Farm Fence

Completated on July 2020

Commencing with the dismantling of a pergola that veiled the aging timber decking, we embarked on a comprehensive rejuvenation. The initial step involved the installation of a sturdy frame, meticulously prepared to support the upcoming Composite Decking. Opting for Grey PVC boards, we introduced a contemporary touch, accentuated by lighter-coloured facias that added a contrasting allure to the entire structure.

As part of the transformation, the dilapidated farm fence was replaced with a bespoke one, crafted to not only enhance safety but also to elevate the visual appeal. Extended wires were attached to the end posts, ensuring a secure environment for children and pets, whilst blocking wildlife at the back of the property from entering the garden.

In addition to the decking overhaul, we reimagined the spatial layout by relocating the customer's trampoline. This involved the installation of a heavy-duty membrane layer, topped with rubber barks, creating a safe and resilient surface around the deck. This thoughtful modification not only optimized the use of space but also enhanced the overall functionality of the outdoor area.
This project is a testament to our commitment to comprehensive transformations, encompassing decking installations, fencing upgrades, and spatial reconfigurations. The result is a harmonious blend of aesthetics, safety, and practicality, offering the customer an inviting outdoor space tailored to their needs.

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