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Paving in copper marshalls vitrified
Paving in copper marshalls vitrified

Copper Marshalls Porcelain Patio

Completated on Nov 2020

Embarking on a comprehensive overhaul, we commenced the transformation by removing a deteriorated timber decking on the right-hand side. Simultaneously, we strategically dug for drainage, connecting it to the local stream, a practical solution for efficient water management at the rear of the house.

Following these essential preparations, we proceeded with the levelling and marking out of the designated paving area. The chosen material for the patio was the elegant Copper Porcelain paving supplied from Marshalls, coming in 1200mm by 600mm size. To frame the perimeter with a touch of sophistication, light-coloured porcelain blocks were employed as edging.

For a seamless and visually cohesive finish, the Marshalls Vitrified grouting product, matching the colour of the tiles, was applied. Introducing both form and function, in-ground armoured cables were installed to supply power to low-level path finder LED lights. These lights, embedded directly into the edging blocks, not only contribute to the aesthetic allure but also enhance the practicality and safety of the patio, especially during the evening hours.
This project exemplifies our commitment to creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend elegance with functionality, providing a visually captivating and well-lit area for our clients to enjoy.

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