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Bespoke garden design
Bespoke garden design

Kandla Sandstone and Raised Flower Beds

Completated on Jul 2022

We initiated this project by clearing the canvas, ridding the garden of overgrown shrubs and small trees at the back and side. The patchy lawn also made way for a fresh start. The next step involved the installation of raised beds on either side, where attention to detail extended to painting them to seamlessly match the existing fence, harmonizing with the overall aesthetic.

To optimize the use of space and introduce a captivating, tiered layout, the entire garden was strategically divided into three tiers. Kandla Grey Sandstone paving took centre stage, seamlessly integrating with the existing garden office that the customer had previously installed. The edges of the paving were meticulously bordered with Charcoal block paving, providing both structure and visual contrast. The finishing touch came in the form of Jet Black Easy Joint compound grouting, ensuring durability and a polished appearance.

A lush, new lawn, carefully laid atop a fresh layer of topsoil, added a touch of greenery, completing the revitalization. The result left the customers elated with the transformation, a testament to our commitment to precision, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction.

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