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Transforming a forgotten garden with a fresh patio start
Transforming a forgotten garden with a fresh patio start

Grey Sandstone with Raised Beds, Lawn, Closeboard Fence

Completated on May 2023

Commencing the transformation of a neglected garden, we initiated the process by clearing the space, turning it from a state of disarray to a clean slate. The first step involved levelling the area designated for the patio, creating an inviting introduction to the rest of the garden.

Opting for Grey Sandstone, we meticulously laid the patio and accentuated its edges with Charcoal Granite bricks. The finishing touch came in the form of Jet Black EasyJoint grout, enhancing both the visual appeal and structural integrity of the patio. To introduce greenery and structure, Raised Flower Beds were constructed using sturdy Railway Sleepers, generously filled with topsoil and compost in anticipation of future plantings.

The left side of the flower beds received an added aesthetic element with the installation of a new Closeboard Fence, spanning two different heights. This not only marks the boundary but also adds a vertical dimension to the garden's design.

The final flourish involved flattening the remaining area and laying a fresh new lawn, completing the overall aesthetic, and ensuring a harmonious transition from patio to green space. This comprehensive transformation is a testament to our commitment to creating outdoor environments that are both visually appealing and fun.

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