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Stunning garden re-modelling
Stunning garden re-modelling

Mint Fossil Sandstone with Luxurious Artificial Grass

Completated on Apr 2023

In this project, we've elevated a plain concrete paving to a sophisticated Mint Fossil Sandstone, enhancing the aesthetic appeal significantly. Responding to our customer's request, we went the extra mile by integrating a plush 40mm artificial grass, providing a secure and ample play area for their children. To ensure safety, we included a soft underlay as a cushioning pad.
A key feature of the transformation is the raised bed at the far end of the area. This clever use of space not only adds visual interest but also aligns with our commitment to low-maintenance landscaping. The result is not only a visually appealing outdoor space but also one that minimizes upkeep.

The customer's satisfaction was evident, and their enthusiasm extended to an inquiry about completing a similar transformation in the front garden. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to meeting customer preferences and creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

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