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New patio in mint fossil elstow
New patio in mint fossil elstow

Mint Fossil Sandstone Autumn Paving

Completated on Sept 2023

This garden was due for a change, and that's exactly what we've done. After clearing away the golden gravel, concrete slabs, shed base (not shown in the photo), tree stumps, and overgrown foliage, we started preparing the ground for the new paving.
We then installed a 36 square meter patio using Mint Fossil Sandstone, bordered with Autumn block paving. Towards the back end of the patio, we added topsoil and compost, getting it ready for future planting.

Our focus was on simplifying and enhancing the space without unnecessary embellishments. The removal of the existing elements was done to create a clean slate, and the new patio, while sizeable, is designed to be practical and understated. The choice of materials reflects a balance between durability and a natural look, and the subtle addition of topsoil and compost provides an opportunity for future greenery without overwhelming the space.

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