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Camel Dust Sandstone patio: colour for the summer season
Camel Dust Sandstone patio: colour for the summer season

Rounded Sleepers and Autumn Sandstone

Completated on May 2020

Transforming the previous landscape, characterized by a simple lawn and a small concrete pathway along the side of the house, the customer's vision was to create a welcoming patio area while minimizing the lawn and bordering the flower beds at the back. To bring this vision to life, we executed the installation using Autumn Brown Sandstone slabs.

The patio area was defined and enhanced with the use of these sandstone slabs, complemented by a bordering edge crafted from Autumn block paving. This not only provided a cohesive visual appeal but also added a touch of elegance to the outdoor space.
The existing lawn underwent a complete overhaul – it was meticulously ripped apart and replaced with fresh turf, laid atop a layer of screened topsoil. Introducing Rounded Sleepers, we created a structured border from side to side, elegantly outlining the flower bed along its entire length.

While the project may have been straightforward for us, the attention to detail did not go unnoticed. The customer was delighted with the outcome, a testament to our commitment to transforming outdoor spaces with precision and aesthetic finesse.

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