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Astro Turf-St Neots

Time : 4 days

Completed :

Description In case you want to replace the normal natural grass with the synthetic one, you have to consider that the fake grass is not installed on top of the natural one but a certain procedure is carried out to ensure that the new grass has a real look and that it lasts over time, and you are sure you have a new low maintenance garden. First, are removed. 10cm of surface , then compact it, positioned a thick membrane to prevent weed growth . As a second step everything is filled with sharp sand or silica dust: this second one got a better result when is compacted . The final step is to lay the artificial grass on the area that has been prepared, and nailing to the perimeter frame previously prepared. Last bit is to spread on to top the fine sand to make weight on that. We are specialize to fit and supply artificial grass from cheap to expansive ones, you’ll be sure to be proud of your new garden