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In ground trampoline and hot tub patio

Time : 15 days

Completed : July 2020

Description This is a complete remodelling and landscaping of the garden as our client needed two distinct flat sections: in the first a trampoline that has been fitted in the ground and in the second a limestone base was to be created to place the hot tab. In the first phase we created a 70 cm high excavation to position the legs of the trampoline, once we did this we created a red wood cover for the sides of the trampoline that remained open, ending up creating a synthetic grass lawn around the trampoline. In the second section we created a frame of railway sleepers and then covered its interior with limestone slabs. In the photograph it can be seen that a path has been created along the garden with a long series of railway slippers by incorporating a series of timed led deck lights to illuminate it during the night.